Strong U.S. Presence with Global Reach

At Bombardier Aerospace, thousands of employees are dedicated to setting new standards of customer care and aircraft availability in the United States and around the world. Confidence and trust must be earned, every day, everywhere. That begins with a strong service and support network for our customers based in the USA and extends around the world to the places our customers travel for work and pleasure.

Around the clock and around the world, keeping your aircraft flying and your business profitable is our number one priority. To do this, Bombardier offers the following services and support to our customers based in the United States:

  • 24/7/365 support through four Customer Response Centers in Wichita, Montréal, Toronto and Mirabel;
  • Eight wholly owned service centers in Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford, two in Tucson, West Virginia, Wichita and Macon;
  • Bombardier aircraft training offered through a company-owned training center in Dallas;
  • A parts super-warehouse in Chicago;
  • 12 authorized service facilities across the nation;
  • A team of field service representatives all over the United States ready to provide on site technical support and AOG coordination;
  • Mobile response teams that can be deployed from our service centers at a moment’s notice;
  • Bombardier’s one-of-a-kind PartsExpress airborne parts delivery service

Industry-Leading Parts Network

Fast, reliable and cost-effective delivery of aircraft parts, anywhere in the world, is essential to your fleet’s performance and long-term success. That’s why we have invested millions of dollars in the United States to strengthen our Chicago parts facility and position it as a hub capable of supplying parts to operators both domestically and around the world. This investment also includes aligning our inventory mix to better meet customer requirements with a particular focus on the top 25 most demanded parts.

Chicago Parts Distribution Center
Central distribution point for parts worldwide
Direct shipments to the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific
Stores over 120,000 unique parts at full capacity
Operates around the clock with deliveries to most U.S. cities under 10 hours
Employs 200 logistics specialists
Supplies Bombardier network of parts depots and service locations, shipping 1,500 lines daily

Integrated AOG Customer Response Centers

We offer you a single point of contact for resolving all AOG and parts-related issues. Operating around the clock, our AOG Customer Response Centers (CRC) integrate parts, technical, engineering ,supplier support and the out of service events team. This real-time network seamlessly links facilities in:

  • Toronto (Q-Series aircraft)
  • Montréal (Challenger and Global aircraft)
  • Mirabel (CRJ Series aircraft)
  • Wichita (Learjet aircraft)

Maintenance Services

Bombardier Aircraft Service Centers in the USA

Wherever your Bombardier aircraft fly, our global maintenance services network delivers quality, non-stop care at:

  • Eight Bombardier-owned service centers in the United States
  • 47 independently managed authorized service facilities and line maintenance facilities worldwide – including 13 for business and commercial aircraft based in the United States.
Bombardier-Owned Service Centers in the USA
Bridgeport, West Virginia
Dallas, Texas
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Hartford, Connecticut
Macon, Georgia
Tucson, Arizona (2)
Wichita, Kansas
Bombardier Line Maintenance Stations
Through-flight and AOG services including overnight inspections and service checks
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, DC

Training Services

Training Centers in Dallas

In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, our training center is located in the same building as CAE SimuFlite. Our unique relationship with CAE SimuFlite enables us to offer pilot and technical training on virtually all business aircraft currently in production. We employ the most advanced flight simulators, flight training devices and computer-aided training systems for both classroom and individual learning environments. Customized technical training is available upon request at our facilities or, for added convenience, your site.

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